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Wisdom Teeth

By the age of eighteen, the average adult has 32 teeth; 16 teeth on the top and 16 teeth on the bottom. Each tooth in the mouth has a specific name and function. The teeth in the front of the mouth (incisors, canine and bicuspid teeth) are ideal for grasping and biting food into smaller pieces. The back teeth or molar teeth are used to grind food up into a consistency suitable for swallowing.

The average mouth is made to hold only 28 teeth. It can be painful when 32 teeth try to fit in a mouth that holds only 28 teeth. These four other teeth are your Third Molars, also known as “wisdom teeth.”

Removal of wisdom teeth and non-restorable teeth:

Taking great pride in how we treat our patients who require wisdom teeth extractions, Moorpark Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, P.C agrees with AAOMS (the American “association” of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons) that the best time for the removal of impacted or un-erupted wisdom teeth is between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five; however, timely wisdom teeth removal is integral part of preventative dentistry at any age. Waiting for impacted and un-erupted teeth to cause pain or complex clinical complications can result in more extensive or costly treatment later. Our patients report outstanding recovery rates follow wisdom teeth removal.

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